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It’s Okay to Say No

The holiday season (while both magical & jolly) always seems to add to an already jammed schedule – extra social gatherings, gift buying/giving, school events (if you have children, nieces/nephews, etc.), & end-of-the-year work deadlines can become quite overwhelming. However, research shows that anywhere from 35-60% of people have difficulty saying “no” to others even…

What’s in Your Salad?

Many people eat salads every day in hopes that this is the path to a healthier lifestyle &/or losing weight, but they miss the mark – either they don’t feel full enough (leading to extra snackies) or they add a little too much froo froo & the salad isn’t as healthy as they thought it…

Listen to Your Body

I am a huge advocate for strength training. Strength training improves bone health, cardiovascular health, flexibility and mobility, mood & self-esteem, enhances brain health, and increases energy levels. Among other things. But I’m also an advocate of listening to your body and finding the right balance of activity & wellness that suits you. Not everyone…

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