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Class Formats:
The Yogi Jedi Vinyasa Flow is Serena’s signature vinyasa style class. Expect a strength-centric sequence with an emphasis on proper anatomical alignment and breathing. The quicker pace and creative transitions found in this class can sometimes trend towards a more cardiovascular style of movement, but Serena encourages all of her students to take things at their own pace and to listen to their bodies. Modifications and progressions are offered for most poses and transitions. Classes are structured so that all individuals, regarding of fitness-level or flexibility, can benefit from this class.

Slow Burn is a more methodical and slower paced version of the Yogi Jedi Vinyasa Flow. Poses are held longer and we move more slowly through the creative transitions that you’ve come to expect from the Yogi Jedi Vinyasa classes. An emphasis will be placed on building strength and stamina and connecting with your breath rather than the cardiovascular movements patterns typically found in a traditional vinayasa class.

Gentle Flow consists of light stretching, mobility drills, and timed-held floor poses with optional opportunites to flow. Props are often utilized during this class. Common props utilized are yoga blocks, a strap or belt, a bolster, blankets or bath towels, trigger point tools such as tennis balls or foam rollers, lightweight dumbbells, and/or a chair.

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