Health & Wellness Services


In-home Personal Training or Yoga Session – 1 HR

Virtual Personal Training or Yoga Session – 1 HR

Virtual Personal Training – 30 min

Nutrition Coaching – 30 min

Custom Webinar (Wellness Topic of Your Choosing) – 1 HR

Client & Student Testimonials:

“I’ve been training with Serena for over three years now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I had back surgery several years ago, so my strength program had to be tailored to take into account my weak areas. Serena, with her extensive knowledge and experience, was able to put me on a regimen that had me getting stronger and stronger over time, but without stressing my back. Post-op, I’m in better shape now than I have been in years and I owe that all to Serena!” — Liz H.

“Serena was my reason for trying yoga almost a year ago. Intimidated to enter a class, the one time she gave me was just what I needed for a beginner’s exploration. I immediately fell in love with the movement and the inspiration behind it. Now having taken many instructors and types of yoga, still a novice in my practice, I admire her teaching style and patience with her students most.” — Jessica M.

“I have been one of Serena’s students for 4 months. Serena teaches the class in an extremely calm and welcoming manor, while at the same time makes sure each session has a fresh sense of purpose and meaning. Each session has an objective and Serena is amazing at keeping everyone on track. She is excellent at teaching you the poses and pushing you as progress. She is very mindful and monitors everyone’s performance, constantly giving out pointers and helpful advice. Great for novice and advanced yoga practitioners alike, It always feels like a personal yoga experience in her class. No matter what your yoga goals are, you will leave Serena’s class feeling accomplished and better than when you walked in.” — Taylor Q.

“Serena has been my certified personal trainer at Equinox for about a year. My world class personal Pilates instructor suggested that I engage her as my personal /Yoga trainer to complement my Pilates training. Our focus is using Yoga methodology for strength, balance, flexibility and mind/body coordination. Serena is a master of her craft and highly credentialed as an expert in both personal training and Yoga. She is incredibly bright—literate, witty and inquisitive, as well as enthusiastic, energetic, and motivating. Serena has an easy way of creating metaphors for the brain to transmit signals to the body and to retain concepts with imagery. This teaching ability comes from her strong and eclectic intellect. Serena gives me “homework”, checks to make sure that I did it, and as a taskmaster pushes me to exceed expectations. Anyone who has met Serena has experienced her warm smile and infectious laugh; interpersonal assets in working with different kinds of people and leading group classes. For someone so young she has a wealth of knowledge and pursues her education by working with subject matter experts and taking the most challenging courses. Last week she completed a rigorous course—and passed the exam, for medical practitioners by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for the use of Yoga for cancer patients and survivors. Serena had to learn about different cancer medical protocols, medications and types of cancer, and how to use Yoga as an alternative acceptable medical procedure. In the fitness world, and I can attest to this as a university trained CPT/EFS, there are a few – very few, truly outstanding and talented people. As Serena’s clients and Yoga class students know, she is an emerging star: grab on to her, hitch your goals and get ready to achieve your fitness dreams – while you have fun along the way.” – Sam A.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have been training with (and taking yoga classes with) Serena since 2015 and it’s made a huge impact in my results – especially recovery from some injuries and a car accident. Serena always listens intently to what you want and what your body needs and delivers programming to support it. She is incredibly patient and always makes it fun!” — Michele M.

“Although I am a senior citizen (and hate to admit it) I found Serena’s class to be conducted in such a way that all students, whether advanced or beginning, can feel challenged and good about themselves at the end. Serena has such a wonderful way of encouraging all to participate at their own level without awareness of others’ practice. She has a wonderful playlist, a “right” toned voice, a subtle and funny sense of humor, and after a strenuous workout, a most wonderful relaxation. She’s the best. <3.” — Barbara G.

“I’ve been a student of Serena’s for probably five years while taking classes at David Paul Yoga. Her classes are never intimidating and all are welcome, no matter your skill level, age or body type. Serena is very down to earth and ALWAYS offers modifications to ensure not only the physical safety of her students, but to acknowledge how your body feels THAT day. One of the other things I love about Serena as a teacher is how she adds a gentle humor to her presentation: “if you can’t hold your ankle, it ok, you’re still a good person” or “wag your doggy tail to stretch out your lower back.” Lastly, she is not a show-off yogi; she does not flaunt her own skills by demonstrating complicated, gravity-defying, pretzel-twisted asanas. Most recently, due to the pandemic,she has been conducting online classes, while certainly a challenge to conduct, Serena’s cueing meticulously guides the students through her classes. I highly recommend Serena’s yoga classes, both in the studio and online.” — Monica M.

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